Veggie Perrin’s Specials

Name Description Price
Paneer Korma Cream cheese in creamy sauce with coconut.  A mild dish 4.95
Matter Paneer Peas and Paneer (Indian cheese) in a creamy sauce 4.75
Palak Paneer Spinach and Paneer. A dry dish 4.75
Paneer Pasanda Cream cheese with a special rich sauce 4.95
Paneer Tikka Masala Cream cheese, in a special sauce 4.95
Vegetable Paneer Mixed vegetables with Paneer and sauce 4.45
Paun Bhajee A special mixture of fresh vegetables with toasted paun (buns).Very rich in spices 4.60
Bengan Bhartha Aubergine, specially baked and fried with garlic, ginger and rich Spices 4.50
Korma Sutra For Adults only. Spicy isn’t the word… and it’s served, as youmight expect, on a bed of rice. Recipe under development… Coming soon!  

—All Paneer dishes contain home-made Paneer —