Vegetable Curries

Name Description Price
Vegetable Curry Mixed vegetables in mixed spice 2.90
Vegetable Korma Mixed vegetables in a creamy sauce. A mild dish 3.50
Aloo Dum Potato curry 2.95
Aloo Jeera Dry potato curry, cooked in Jeera 2.95
Aloo Matter Potato and pea curry 3.15
Aloo Palak Potato and spinach. Dry 3.25
Bhindi Masala Okhra in special spices 3.45
Bengan Masala Aubergine curry 3.45
Courgette Masala Courgettes in rich spices, tomatoes, lemon, garlic and onions… 3.50
Mushroom Bhaji Mushrooms in spices. A dry dish 2.95
Aloo Gobi Potatoes and cauli ower, in spices 2.95
Vegetable Tikka Masala Mixed vegetables and tomatoes in a special sauce 4.50
Vegetable Jalfrezy Mixed vegetables, Paneer and peppers in a special sauce 4.50
Vegetable Madras A South Indian dish with hot and strong spices 3.50
Vegetable Dhansak Sweet, sour and hot vegetable sauce, with lentils and spices 3.95
Vegetable Vindaloo Very hot curry with a lot of garlic, ginger, and chilli powder.Tindaloo and Phall on request 3.75
Vegetable Biriyani Mixed vegetables with pillau rice, nuts and special spices, served with vegetable curry sauce 4.95